Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

Oct 13 2015
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Hungry Girl's Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe
HG's Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
(152 calories)
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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Average
(305 calories)
Hungry Girl's Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

A Very A-Peeling Recipe

We've never met a banana bread we didn't like... but we've also never met one that wasn't packed with butter, sugar, and carby calories. Unless it's one of our own recipes, of course! Whether you're eating our banana bread at breakfast or as a snack, you can enjoy that moist texture and yummy banana flavor without a lick of guilt. We traded excess calories for chocolate chips!

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1/10th of recipe (1 slice): 152 calories, 4g total fat (1.5g sat fat), 270mg sodium, 31g carbs, 3.5g fiber, 8g sugars, 4g protein

Green Plan SmartPoints® value 4*
Blue Plan (Freestyle) SmartPoints® value 4*

Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 55 minutes


1 1/2 cups whole-wheat flour

1/4 cup Truvia spoonable natural no-calorie sweetener (or another no-calorie granulated sweetener; see HG FYI)

2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 1/2 cups (about 2 large) mashed extra-ripe bananas

1/2 cup egg whites or fat-free liquid egg substitute

1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/4 cup light whipped butter or light buttery spread (like I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Light or Brummel & Brown)

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1/4 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9" X 5" loaf pan with nonstick spray.

In a large bowl, combine flour, sweetener, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. Mix well.

In another large bowl, combine bananas, egg whites, applesauce, butter, and vanilla extract. Whisk until mostly uniform.

Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, and mix until uniform. Gently fold in 3 tbsp. chocolate chips.

Transfer batter to the loaf pan, and smooth out the surface. Sprinkle with remaining 1 tbsp. chocolate chips, and lightly press into the batter.

Bake until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, about 55 minutes.


HG FYI: Truvia spoonable calorie-free sweetener is about twice as sweet as sugar. If using a no-calorie granulated sweetener that measures cup-for-cup like sugar instead of Truvia, double the amount called for in this recipe.

Chew on this:

Today, October 13th, is the annual "Day for Failure" -- a holiday to embrace our own #fails. Today's recipe is an easy one, but if you mess up, don't worry about it!

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