5-Minute Breakfast Ideas: Easy Microwave Egg Scramble, Yogurt Bowls, Breakfast Tacos & More

Feb 27 2023
We could all use some no-brainer breakfasts these days, so let’s keep things simple, shall we? Here are five easy hacks to start your morning right…

Egg Mugs

No time to heat up a skillet (or just no desire to wash it)? No problem. You can make a scramble in the microwave! Just spray a large microwave-safe mug with nonstick spray. Add whatever chopped veggies you have on hand (optional), and nuke to soften. Add about 3/4 cup of egg whites or egg substitute, and microwave for a minute. Stir and add cheese, if you like. Then nuke for about another minute until the eggs are set. Here’s a two-ingredient recipe to get you started!


DIY ‘em! Use staple ingredients like frozen fruit (no sugar added), protein powder (with around 100 calories per scoop), and light yogurt (make ours Greek). Blitz it up, and get creative with smart add-ins. Cinnamon? Certainly. Powdered peanut butter? Yes, please. Spinach? With enough fruit, you won't even taste it! Just make sure your blender is up to the task. (We love that NutriBullet.)

Fruit & Yogurt Bowls

This might seem a bit obvious… "Duh, HG, I know I can put fruit over yogurt!" OK, sassypants, but why not play around with those flavors? Plain fat-free Greek yogurt is really versatile: Add your no-calorie sweetener of choice, and mix in extracts like vanilla, almond, or maple. Then add fruit—you can chop up the fresh stuff or thaw it from frozen. Apples last a long time, and it's always smart to have berries in your freezer. Top it all off with something crunchy: chopped nuts, a few spoonfuls of cereal, some chia seeds… Have fun!

Breakfast Tacos

If you've got eggs and tortillas, you can have breakfast tacos in no time! Cook up an egg mug like we mentioned above, and microwave the tortillas until they're warm and soft (about 10 seconds). High-fiber tortillas, corn tortillas, even taco shells… all acceptable! Fill with eggs, beans, salsa, and any other taco toppers you’ve got on hand. Here’s a great recipe with just six main ingredients.

Protein-Stuffed Lettuce Wraps

Just because lettuce wraps don’t exactly scream breakfast, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat 'em first thing in the morning. Our favorite combination: smoked salmon, light or fat-free cream cheese, sliced cucumber, and sun-dried tomatoes. (Click for the recipe!) No lox? Reach for sliced turkey and a squeeze of mustard. Use whatever you've got! Need something more substantial? Load your goodies onto a light English muffin. 

Chew on this:

Happy National Strawberry Day, February 27th. Double down: Make this Strawberry Cheesecake Dream Dip and dip more strawberries into it!

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