Healthy Frozen Staples for Easy Meals: Cauliflower Rice, Veggie Burgers & More

Apr 1 2020

One on One with Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Steve

This week on Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing!, Lisa talks with her friend, infectious disease specialist Dr. Stephen C. Threlkeld, MD. He’s answering Hungry Girl fan questions about how to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak. Questions like…

⭑ Is takeout food safe?
⭑ How should we sanitize groceries?
⭑ Should we wear masks?
⭑ How long will social distancing last?

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Question@2x Dear Hungry Girl,

I'm trying to limit my supermarket runs and fill my freezer with foods that will last a long time. What are the top frozen finds you'd recommend… and what are some simple meals to make with them?

Homebound in Humboldt County
Answer@2x Hi Homebound,

Yes, that's a great idea. There's so much nutritious food in the freezer aisle, and a lot of it is really versatile. I could go on and on about this, but I've narrowed it down to six top picks, plus some great recipes to make with them!

Riced Veggies & Veggie Spirals

The prep work is done… Just heat & eat! Green Giant's lineups are the best. The traditional Riced Cauliflower and Zucchini Spirals are my regular go-tos, but I also love the Cauliflower Medley and Carrot Spirals! Use them as time-saving shortcuts in recipes like these…

Frozen Fruit

It’s a common misconception that freezer-aisle fruit is less nutritious than fresh -- it's typically frozen at peak freshness for maximum nutrition. Just flip the bags around to make sure no sugar has been added. My usuals are berries, mango chunks, and peach slices. Great for blended drinks, dessert, and straight-up snacking…

Shrimp & Chicken Breast

Grouping these two together because they happen to be two of my favorite lean proteins. You can find them raw or precooked, but I generally go for the cooked kind to make my life easier! 

Meatless Burger Patties

An old-school favorite! And these days, there are more and more options popping up all the time: classic soy-based options (we love Boca), beef-style burgers (like The Alpha Burger), and full-on veggie patties (hey, Bubba!). You can do just about anything with 'em! Other good meatless finds: crumbles, breakfast sausage, and faux chicken.

Healthy Frozen Meals

You're not always gonna be in the mood to cook, and that's OK. A stash of these meals gives you a great backup plan. Here are some recent discoveries that I really enjoy… 

Portion-Controlled Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth without the risk of plowing through a gallon of ice cream in one sitting. Single-serving treats like these ROCK. Just don't eat them too fast… You'll get a brain freeze!

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It's April Fools Day, April 1st, but this email is no joke! Want even more grocery suggestions? Check out our 2020 supermarket list.

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