7 Easy Ways to Change Up Chicken: Slow-Cooker Recipes & More

Aug 10 2018
Whether you have raw chicken breasts on hand or cooked chicken that's begging to be dressed up, rest assured you'll never, ever, EVER be bored with chicken again... (And put down the miniature clothing; that's not what we meant and you know it.)

Pizza-fy It

Of course you can put chicken on top of pizza. But why not use chicken as the crust? The key here is pounding the chicken breast nice and thin. Then cook it; top it with sauce, cheese, and veggies; and eat!

Slow-Cook It 

Bust out that slow cooker, because it's one of the best possible ways to prepare lots of tender, juicy chicken. So versatile and so tasty…

Stuff It 

This technique only looks fancy -- in reality, it couldn't be easier. Pound that chicken cutlet to a thin and even thickness; a meat mallet is great, but a heavy can works too. Top the pounded chicken with your favorite filling (like fajita veggies), roll it up, and bake until fully cooked.

Faux-Fry It

Because fried chicken, right? So yummy. But even the leanest food in the world becomes fatty when you deep-fry it in oil. Don't cry -- faux-fry! Grind up and season some bran cereal, and you've got high-fiber breadcrumbs for cooking up crispy chicken. Alternative: Use whole-wheat panko!

Chopstick It 

Step away from the Chinese takeout menu... The best-tasting entrées are calorie catastrophes. Make that tasty stuff yourself, HG style!

Scoop It 

Conventional deli-style chicken salad is a fatty disaster, but we know how to do it right...

Hungry-Grill It 

Grill marks make any food taste a little more special. If you don't have a grill, fake it with a grill pan... Then glaze your chicken, apricot-style, or peanut-sauce it, Thai-style! Kebab fiend? Skewer teriyaki goodies for optimum grillability...

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