22 Easy Recipes with Cake Mix: Brownies, Cake in a Mug & More

Dec 12 2018
Question@2x Hi Hungry Girl,

I’ve been making your Yum Yum Brownie Muffins for YEARS… I love how simple the recipe is and that it starts with a box of cake mix! Do you have any other similarly easy recipes that call for boxed cake mix? I’m not exactly a “from scratch” type of gal…

Cake Mix a Lot
Answer@2x Hi Cake Mix a Lot,

You and me both! Boxed cake mix is a lifesaver when it comes to whipping up super-easy sweets with fewer calories than standard baked treats. And it’s not just for cake: I use it to make donuts, brownies, muffins, and more. Check out these recipes, and go cake crazy!

HG Tip: To save even more calories and reduce the sugar count, look for sugar-free cake mixes like the kind by Pillsbury. It comes in Classic Yellow and Devil’s Food. Score!

Calorie-Slashed Cake with 3 Ingredients or Less

Forget eggs, oil, butter, and other calorie-dense ingredients. Just one or two smart add-ins will take your cake mix from basic to blissful!

Cake in a Mug

Cake mix + coffee mug + microwave = a single-serve treat in minutes! Perfect for those of us who can’t be trusted around an entire baked cake…

Muffin-Pan Madness

Portion control is the new black, people! It’s fashionable and functional…

Brownie Points

Forget brownie mix… Devil’s food cake mix delivers rich cakey brownies that are a whole lot lighter.

Go Donuts

Baked, not fried, and just the right size!

Slow-Cooker Cake

It’s like a cakey cobbler you can make on your countertop. So lovable (and scoopable)! We've only got one recipe for now, but you can bet your slow cooker there are more to come...

Chew on this:

Happy Gingerbread House Day, December 12th! Why devour an entire house when there are Gooey Gingerbread Cupcakes in the world?

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