Healthy Egg Recipes Beyond Breakfast

Mar 8 2019
Just because the a.m. hours have passed, that doesn't mean eggs are off the menu! Eggs are too good to limit to breakfast: They cook up quickly, they’re endlessly versatile, and they’re completely packed with satisfying protein. Here are over a dozen ways to enjoy ‘em, any time you like!

Hard-Boiled Snacks

Hard-boiled eggs are among the best snack bases around. Slice ‘em in half and pop out the yolks, and you’ve got edible mini bowls that are practically pure protein! Fill them with salsa or hummus, or try one of these recipes. (Pssst… Click here for easy-peel tips & tricks.)

The Perfect Microwave Mini Meal

Ever since we discovered this genius workaround for scrambled eggs, a.k.a. EGG MUGS, our lives have changed for the better. And there’s no reason NOT to make yourself an egg mug any time of day. Hello, high-protein afternoon snack…

Put an Egg on It

Need some protein to complete your meal? This is one of the easiest ways to do it! From sunny-side-up to over easy, you can’t go wrong… (Okay, raw is wrong, unless you’re Rocky.)

Breakfast for Dinner

Many of our egg-based breakfast recipes are inspired by foods traditionally eaten for lunch or dinner (pizza, tacos...), so why restrict those dishes to the morning? Check out these recipes, and consider swapping out your go-to protein for scrambled eggs the next time you’re making an afternoon or evening meal!

DIY Dessert Crepes

This carb-cutting trick is borderline brilliant: Just mix your favorite protein powder into egg whites, and cook the batter into sweet crepes. Then bring on the fillings: fruit, yogurt, chocolate chips, and more!

Chew on this:

Tomorrow, March 9th, is National Crabmeat Day. This veggie-loaded bowl is made with imitation crab, but the deliciousness is REAL.

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