Budget-Friendly Recipes Made with Summer Produce

Jul 26 2023
In-season produce has two distinct advantages: It’s in its prime in terms of taste and texture, AND it’s generally priced to sell since supply is abundant! Here are five fantastic summer fruits and veggies to add to your shopping cart, plus 15 delicious recipes to make with them.

Summer Produce Spotlight: Watermelon

Sweet, juicy, and inarguably refreshing, watermelon is a no-brainer choice during the summer months. Pro tip: Pick up this highly rated slicer under $10!

Summer Produce Spotlight: Corn

Did you know corn is high in potassium and vitamin C? True story! And we all know it’s sweeter-than-sweet in the summertime. Some of these recipes call for frozen kernels, but they’d be just as good (if not better) made with freshly cooked corn.

Summer Produce Spotlight: Bell Peppers

These antioxidant-rich rockstars are so good in the summer months. And they make surprisingly great swaps for sandwich buns! Munch on sliced red ones with your favorite dip, and whip up the recipes below.

Summer Produce Spotlight: Zucchini

It’s no secret we love the shapeshifting swap that is zucchini. In these recipes, zucchini plays the part of pasta, potatoes, AND tortilla chips!

Summer Produce Spotlight: Berries

Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries… All have their moment in the spotlight come summertime. They can be pretty pricey mid-winter, so now’s the time to indulge…

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Who wouldn’t want to save money while eating delicious summer produce? Exactly. Share these budget-friendly recipes STAT.


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