Low-Calorie Frozen Treats & Dessert Recipes for Summer: Popsicles, Smoothies, Shakes & More

Jul 13 2022
If you need new ways to keep cool, we're here for you! From homemade popsicles to ice cream sandwiches, it's officially time to chill…

DIY Pops

Making your own frozen pops is fun! Pssst… Score a set of our go-to frozen pop molds ASAP.

Amazon Find of the Day!

Ozera Set of 6 Ice Pop Molds

This set is what we use at Hungryland, and it's GREAT! It’s simple to clean, and the pops come out of the molds easily. Kids love ‘em, and you’ll love that the drip tray prevents sticky hands! Follow the recipes above, or just wing it with your favorite fruits, juices, and yogurts.


Shakes & Freezes

Rev up your blender, and check your freezer for ice, because these sippable treats are too good to pass up.

Fruity Smoothies

Keeping frozen fruit around is a major life hack, particularly if you're a smoothie fan…

Ice-Blended Coffee

We couldn't NOT give a shoutout to frozen coffee drinks! Our recipes are delicious and way lower in sugar than coffee-shop versions.

Miscellaneous Freezy Treats

Look, we couldn't categorize all these goodies, but we also can't leave 'em out. Consider this a grab bag of frozen delights!

Chew on this:

Today, July 13th, is National French Fries Day. If you'd like some fries with that shake, toss some jicama sticks in the air fryer for an easy fix. (It's too hot for the oven.)

Do you NOT want your friends to have tasty frozen treats? Whew, that's what we thought… Share this info!


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